Eastern Colorado Severe
Weather Radio Frequencies 
*Statewide* Colorado Severe Weather Net 3.945
*Statewide* National Center for Atmospheric Research 164.200, 164.500, 164.700
Adams Aurora Adams Co. Skywarn 147.150+
Arapahoe Aurora Arapahoe Co. Skywarn 147.150+
Arapahoe Aurora Aurora EMA 154.100
Baca Springfield Baca Co. EMA 807.5125, 852.5125
Baca Springfield Springfield Tornado Sirens 155.130
Boulder Boulder Boulder Co. RACES 146.700-, 146.760-
Boulder Boulder Boulder EMA 155.205
Boulder Longmont Longmont EMA 151.685
Cheyenne Cheyenne Wells Cheyenne Co. Skywarn 147.075+
Denver Denver Denver EMA 155.955
Denver Denver Denver Skywarn 146.940- (Primary, PL 91.5), 146.805- (Backup, PL 186.2)
Denver Denver Denver Skywarn 449.450- (Primary, PL 91.5), 447.175- (Backup, PL 186.2), 446.000
Denver Denver Denver Tornado Sirens 155.955
Douglas Castle Rock Douglas Co. Skywarn 447.150 (Primary), 147.225, 145.145, 445.150
El Paso Colorado Springs El Paso Co. Skywarn 146.970- (Primary, PL 100.0), 147.345+
Elbert Colorado Springs Elbert Co. Skywarn 146.970- (PL 100.0)
Kit Carson Burlington Kit Carson Co. Skywarn 146.880-
Kit Carson Flagler Kit Carson Co. Skywarn 146.895-
Larimer Fort Collins Larimer Co. Skywarn 145.115- (Primary, PL 100.0), 146.850
Lincoln Genoa Lincoln Co. Skywarn 147.06+
Logan Sterling Logan Co. Skywarn 146.910-
Morgan Fort Morgan Morgan Co. Skywarn 147.240+
Phillips Holyoke Phillips Co. Skywarn 146.895-
Prowers Lamar Prowers Co. Skywarn 146.610-
Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Co. EMA 453.600
Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo Co. Skywarn 146.790-
Pueblo Pueblo Pueblo EMA 155.115
Weld Fort Collins Weld Co. Skywarn 145.115- (PL 100.0), 146.940, 147.150
Yuma Wray Yuma Co. Skywarn 146.790-
Many agencies are part of the State of Colorado Trunked radio system, and are not included in this list.

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